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Hearing Aid Trial / Fitting

What Is A Hearing Aid

Defining Hearing Aid

A hearing aid is an electronic device that helps people to hear the sound clearly. The patient with hearing defect needs to wear this small device behind their ear. It helps to make the sounds louder in order to let the person with hearing deficiency be able to listen and communicate fluently in their daily activities.

How Does It Work?

These hearing devices work in both quiet and noisy environments. On the basis of severity of your hearing loss, depends the kind of hearing aid that will work best for you. Although, a hearing aid does not restore your normal hearing capability. But with time and practice, it makes you aware of sounds and its sources.

Come To Us For Hearing Aids

If you think that you have hearing loss then visit our clinic. Our audiologist have specialized in hearing and speech disorders. With their help you can select the best hearing aid, considering your need and ability to afford.

Who Can Benefit From Hearing Aids

Hearing aids helpful for any age group

Hearing disability can occur among any age group, in newborns, small children, adults or old age people. But, by getting done hearing examination from our clinic you can give the best hearing aids to your near and dear ones. Hearing aids are generally very useful among patients who have mild to moderate level hearing defect in both the ears.

Benefit for kids

Children with hearing loss can get the benefit from hearing aids. Our hearing health professionals will examine and decide what type of hearing aids your infant requires, depending on the severity and type of hearing loss. Our specialists understand that children learn through activities.

Auditory Verbal sessions

Our Auditory Verbal Therapy consists of sessions that involve children in reading, playing, talking and singing. Some deaf people can also get the benefit from hearing aids. They are able to speak well with the help of digital hearing aids. It is possible because when they hear someone talking, they practice speaking clearly.